Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Greetings from Oslo!

Below is a message from Leslie Shank, assistant concertmaster:

This is Tuesday so it must be Oslo! After making Copenhagen our home for a couple of days, we took an early morning flight to Oslo. As we landed we could see the ground covered with snow and thought it could be Bemidji. The drive into town took us through curving roads surrounded by snow covered fir trees. We had very little time to take in the sights before we had to leave for the hall, so Lynn Erickson and I ventured out in search of Christmas presents and souvenirs. We ended up at the harbor, watching the ferry boats come in to port. I grew up in Seattle and suddenly realized a similarity in the two cities. In fact, many Norwegians settled in Seattle.
We played our second concert of the tour, and had another standing ovation. It is exciting to see such enthusiasm from an audience hearing us for the first time!
I hope we will return soon!
Leslie Shank

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ecello said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Good luck with the rest of the tour. Tell Josh I said hello. We've had a dusting of snow here. Just what you wanted to hear, I'll bet.