Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello from Copenhagen!

The SPCO departed for Copenhagen, Denmark on Friday, and tonight will be their first concert of the tour! The concert will be at the Musikkonservatoriets Koncertsal.

Below is a message from Principal Bassoonist Chuck Ullery:

Hello from Copenhagen. Elsa Nilsson and I spent most of today, Sunday, visiting Elsa's cousins in Malmo, Sweden. Thank goodness they all spoke English! A bridge that opened in 2000 connects Malmo with Copenhagen, and has caused a lot of growth in Malmo, as many more people commute to work in Denmark.

Our hotel is in a wonderful area for walking, and bicycles are everywhere. The days are noticeably shorter here, which, together with the jetlag, leaves me still slightly disoriented, but I'm sure that I will recover before the rehearsal tomorrow morning. I'm really looking forward to our first concert tomorrow night.

Sorry that this note can't be longer, but I'm using my iPod Touch, and one-fingered typing is laborious!

Chuck Ullery

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rootedwings said...

Thanks, Chuck. We're following with interest from Chicago. We return home Wednesday.

Jim nad Alyce Hawkinson