Friday, December 5, 2008

a visit with an old friend

This morning (their time) the orchestra departed from Gothenburg and tonight will perform their last concert of the tour in Stockholm at the Stockholm Konserthus.

Below is a message from Leslie Shank, assistant concertmaster, about her time in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg was special to me because I had a reunion with a friend from my school days at Juilliard and Aspen. We hadn't seen each other for twenty years, so there was much to catch up on! He has been concertmaster of the Gothenburg Symphony for 21 years. He gave me a tour of the hall, a beautiful hall built in 1935, using lots of Canadian Cyprus. The acoustics were great! He showed me the Stradivarius that he plays on, which is owned by the orchestra, and I had the great pleasure of playing a scale or two on it before our concert. There were quite a few members of the Gothenburg Symphony at our concert, and we had a great time visiting with them at the reception following the concert.
Leslie Shank

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